Our newest Rescue Road partner Lucky Dog Refuge focus on the dogs most in need of saving - those who have been abandoned by their families, the strays, the starving, the injured, the sick, and those in immediate need of help. 

Lucky Dog Refuge all started with one unfortunate puppy who ended up being very lucky.

This is Lucky, the inspiration for Lucky Dog Refuge rescue. He was found along side a road in southern WV in August 2019 at about 10 weeks old. His throat was torn open by a bite wound and ensuing infection; the esophagus and jugular were exposed but miraculously intact. He was not expected to survive but thanks to 2 months of hospitalization with devoted veterinarians, the generosity of donors, the commitment of rescues, and the love of his forever family, Lucky is now fully healed and living his best life. 

They are not just a rescue, They are a refuge.

Since the first official adoption in June 2020, Lucky Dog Refuge has saved over 700 Lucky Dogs from all over the United States. These now happy, healthy, adopted dogs had suffered through the worst of humanity – from infections to gunshot wounds, being hit by cars, mange, starvation, neglect, parasites, heartworm, abuse, and more. they take dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Inspired daily by Lucky, they ensure that every dog they commit to has a fighting chance to survive and thrive.


This is a very inspiring organization. Starting from March 10th,  Will present a Lesotc Dog Water Bottle each adopter from together with Lucky Dog Refuge,they will care for the drinking water health of furry babies.

We hope you will join Lesotc in supporting Lucky Dog Refuge and helping the dogs most in need of rescue.

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Lucky Dog Refuge: www.luckydogrefuge.com